Freedom Seekers' Collective

Want to create more freedom in your business? This free online community project might be just what you’re looking for…


It’s what all entrepreneurs seem to want - it was certainly the guiding principle that led to me setting up my own business and it’s the highest ranked value for almost all of my clients.

But what do we actually mean by freedom? Financial freedom? Time flexibility? Creative freedom? Location independence? Freedom of speech? Freedom to work around the constraints of a chronic illness? Freedom to show up as our whole self, especially if who we are is at odds with cultural norms? The ability to say no to working with people we dislike? The ability to say no to work that conflicts with our values?

And what about the realities of creating our own personal vision of freedom? The compromises, the obstacles and the trade-offs? All the various ways in which the reality of freedom in our business looks a LOT less glamorous than working from a laptop on a beach in Costa Rica (even if we do, in fact, work from a laptop in Costa Rica some of the time…).

I don’t think we talk about these issues enough, and I’d like to change that. In this community project, I’m asking 30 inspiring and insightful business owners to share their own take on creating freedom through and within their business: the upsides, the downsides and everything in between.

I think we’d all benefit from being able to see more of the visions of freedom that motivate each of us and also more of the messy middle we all have to get through to turn those ideals into reality. I’d love to lift the lid on what other business owners think and feel and struggle with when it comes to creating freedom - and I hope you’ll join me.


The project is now finished but you can see the e-book via the link below.


Apart from me, obviously, the project featured a wide range of business owners from all sorts of disciplines, from artists to copywriters to coaches to e-course creators. They include: Lacy Boggs | Jennyann Carthern | Janelle Hardy | Megan Roop | Madeleine Forbes | Avni Trivedi | Jessica Uys | Eli Trier | Carina Lyall | Yarrow Magdalena | Uma Girish | Honey Trabitz | Rosie Slosek | Emily KenCairn | Bear Herbert | Julia Barnickle | Rina Rose | Kate Chadbourne | Jennifer Huang | Dal Kular | Amy Scott | Jen Johnson | Grace Quantock | Mia Scharphie | Kerstin Martin | Catriona Knapman | Tzaddi Gordon | Christina Paul | Jacquelyn Tierney