How do you choose the right coach or course for you?

I may or may not be the right coach for you – but these are some questions to consider if you’re thinking about hiring a business coach, or choosing between different people you might work with.

Most importantly, you need to work with someone who’s been down the path you’re going down already and is at least a few steps further down the road. This means that, if you want to set up an online, service-based business, you’re working with someone who has done just that. If your advice is coming from someone who’s only run a brick and mortar business, some of it will be irrelevant to you – and some of it will be downright misleading. Likewise, if your coach has specialised in running huge courses on Udemy and you want to do website designs for small businesses, you’re not likely to be a good match for one another. It’s worth thinking about which stage of business the person you’re considering working with mostly focuses on – if they are really interested in getting people to scale up to six or seven figures, they may not be the best person to work with when you’re just setting out.

Also you need to find someone whose style resonates with you – for me this means, are they kind, do they listen? But also, are they straight-talking? Do they have integrity? Will they tell you the truth even if they could make more money from you by staying quiet when they think you’re on the wrong track?

It’s crucial that they will help you integrate and then implement the new information or strategies they’re giving you. You need to be sure they will help you take action and hold you accountable. We’re all drowning in information, much of it free, most of it not relevant to you and your particular situation. What we need is support.

The value of a course or programme is that you actually make the progress that you want to make – that may not mean that you learn much in the way of brand new information, in fact it might mean you go right back to basics, but you actually follow through and integrate and finish what you set out to do. Many courses or coaches fire you up and activate you but then leave you hanging, you haven’t actually got anything done. 

If you find someone who’s been down the path you want to go on, whose style resonates with you and who will help you to take action and hold you accountable for making progress, you’re definitely on the right lines. At that point, you probably want to schedule a free call with them, to see if you’re as good a match as you think. You can do this with me right here.