How to find a Mastermind group

If you definitely want to be in a Mastermind group and you don’t want to set it up yourself, how do you find one?

The two main options are word of mouth or Google – ask people if they’ve been part of a group themselves or know of one, or search for groups online (bearing in mind whether you want to choose a group by location or by affiliation – eg. a group for women entrepreneurs, or a group for BIPOC business owners).

So really, it’s not that hard to find groups, the real question is how do you evaluate which group will work best for you?

The first thing is to be really clear what exactly you want to get out being in the group. What kind of people do you want to meet? What kind of support do you want? Do you want to be in a group of people who are all at the same stage of business as you? Do you want to be in a group where you’re all trying to do the same thing (launch a course, write a book, become known as speakers)? Even if you’re meeting online, do you want other members to live near enough to you that it would be possible to meet up in real life as well?

Do you just want to meet up regularly, or do you want there to be other forms of support wrapped in there too? For instance, in my own Mastermind groups, there’s a combination of the group meetings, 1:1 coaching, editorial feedback on copy, blogs, newsletters etc and an online chat forum (hosted on Mighty Networks but similar to a private FB group).

Once you’re clear on what you want, you can either search online more effectively or you can make sure that you’re asking the right people for recommendations. And if you’re asking people, make sure that you ask as much about who else was in the group, and what the facilitator’s style was like as well as logistical questions about cost and timings. Perhaps the most revealing questions would be whether they got what they came for and whether they’re still in regular meaningful contact with people they met through the group.

It’s particularly important if you find the group through googling rather than personal recommendations that you get the chance to talk to the group facilitator before making your decision. Great copywriting on the sales page for the Mastermind can make the group sound fabulous – a free discovery call gives you the chance to check that the chemistry is right between you and the facilitator and to ask them how they go about putting the group together and how they handle difficulties when they arise.