The Invitation: How to write a good Home Page

Think of your Home Page as an invitation...⠀

Imagine you were planning to get married later this year. When you send out the invitations, you'll want them to look beautiful and to capture your unique vibe - but that's only part of what you need them to do isn't it?⠀

You really need an invitation to be clear, not just, you know, inviting...⠀

Your potential guests need to understand what's happening, where, when, whether there's a dress code, whether kids are invited too, will they be fed? How long are they expected to be there? Etc, etc. There's a whole lot of info that has to go on that little piece of card.⠀

It's the same with your Home Page. It's an invitation to potential clients, but they need some clear information alongside a welcoming vibe.⠀

Here are the questions they'll be asking themselves, if you run a service-based business and they might be in the market for your service:⠀

- who are you? what exactly do you do?⠀
- do you work with people like me?⠀
- do you understand my problem?⠀
- can you solve my problem?⠀

If you can answer all these questions on your home page, they'll go on to explore how much your service costs, and they'll start getting into the nuances of your particular point of view, how much social proof you have, etc etc - but if they can't answer those basic questions on your home page, it's very unlikely they'll stick around to find out more.⠀

I can’t tell you how often I come across websites where the home page can't answer those basic questions - where I look at the site and think, but what do you actually do? Who is this for?⠀

Don't let that be you. Just make sure your visitors can answer those simple questions, and then you know that the people you most want to talk to will feel welcome on your site.⠀