Online Mastermind: make space for uncertainty

Discomfort and uncertainty are part of the game

We all feel like we're supposed to know what we're doing in our businesses - in fact, we're supposed to be experts. But in reality we may very well be experts in our chosen field - whether that's web design or illustration or heath coaching - whilst not knowing everything about building a business. And that's okay. 

Growth doesn't come from knowing exactly what you're doing - we grow most during periods of uncertainty, discomfort and confusion. What helps when we're feeling unsure is finding others who are walking the same path and knowing that we're not alone.

That's one of the things that I have loved witnessing in Mastermind sessions - seeing the participants realise that, whatever they might be struggling with, the others have been there too. We all feel uncertain or overwhelmed sometimes.As Ram Dass says, in the end, we're all just walking one another home.

As a previous Mastermind participant puts it:

"I've loved having a group of people I respect and trust as a sounding board for thoughts, ideas or concerns. I've felt supported in both an emotional way, and also a super practical way."

Jessica Uys, Enneagram Coach

We don't often create space in our lives, or our businesses, for uncertainty - and as a result we can end up stifling what could become our best ideas, because we don't give them room to grow. We want the quick fix, but deep down we know we need time and support.

As another Mastermind participant says:

"Taking part in the Mastermind has given me a feeling of community from others who 'get it'  - giving me support, encouragement and feedback. I've had the space I needed to allow my ideas to come to fruition."

Avni Trivedi, Osteopath & Wellness Advocate

The next round of the Mastermind is now open for applications - if it sounds like something that would nourish you and your business, I'd encourage you to sign up for a free half hour consultation - there's no pressure to buy, it's just a chance to find out whether it would be a good fit for you.