Sell From the Heart

It can seem like it’s impossible to write a sales page that sounds authentic, and not like every other page out there. Sometimes it seems as if writing to sell HAS to feel awkward, or be pushy or manipulative if it’s going to work.

When I asked around in groups for small business owners, here’s what people told me their biggest challenges were with sales copy:

“I need help to find my own style or voice. It's hard to sound like 'me'. “

“My struggle is how to articulate what I offer in a clear & direct manner that shows the value in my offerings. I feel like I'm constantly trying to explain because I lack confidence and therefore feel I have to justify the value.”

“Over the years, I've picked up so many different tips on how to write copy, I don't know what's useful anymore. “

“How to get people to actually buy an e-course from you! A sales page that converts, without triggering fear”.

But we don’t have to be manipulative - there is another way.

You can use all that we know from neuroscience, from buying psychology and from the study of how storytelling works to write copy that doesn’t aim to trigger fear, it just seeks to connect with the right people.

Sell From The Heart is a free 5-day challenge where you’ll learn:

  • the one skill you need to be able to write a sales page that gets inside your ideal client's head

  • how emotions drive decision-making (and what that means for how you write your sales page)

  • how to connect with potential buyers without being manipulative

An effective sales page doesn’t have to be brash or in-your-face, nor do you need to push people’s buttons around scarcity, feeling not good enough or FOMO. You don’t need to ‘pitch’ people, you need your words to resonate with them.

That’s what we’re exploring in Sell From The Heart. Would you like to join us?

The free challenge runs for five days, Monday to Friday, starting Monday 24th June. You’ll get one email a day from me each of those days, each with a small ‘homework assignment’ for you to work on (which should all be doable in half an hour or less).

At the end of the week, you’ll have a much clearer idea of how to write from the heart to get the right people lining up to buy from you.

Sound good?

You’ll also get access to a private facebook group where we can chat more about the issues that come up around writing sales pages, and you can get feedback from me on your homework assignments.