Is time management even possible?

Since you can only manage what you can control, time management is a bit of a misnomer. However efficient your systems are, you simply can’t make an hour take more or less than sixty minutes…

Nevertheless, you can control your energy levels, minimise distraction and increase your focus, which will all go towards making much more use of said sixty minutes than you would do otherwise. If you combine these skills with carefully planning your time use and making sure that you are in tune with your mind and body’s natural rhythms, you can transform what you can get done in an average week.

If you take things a step further, and look strategically at what you actually want to get done next week, next month and over the next year – and what you would need to do week by week to achieve your bigger goal – then you’re looking at a potentially exponential shift in what you can accomplish over the next twelve months. That’s when it gets exciting – and that’s what I love about coaching – getting people to discover what their big dreams are, and then going about the process of making a plan to make those dreams start to come true.