Two free workshops at the turn of the year

As we reach the turn of the year, it’s such a good time to reflect, review and set intentions for the year ahead. Here in Scotland, the daylight is briefer with each day, sunrise coming later and sunset earlier. It’s a time to turn inwards and contemplate what’s worked and what hasn’t (and why), what we want to let go of and what we want to carry forward into the new year.

This reflection is the focus of my first free workshop, then in the second workshop, we’ll build on that work to create a vision, a strategy and an action plan for your business in 2019, focusing on doing less better, rather than adding more and more to your plate.

So I’m running the Solstice Review workshop on December 21 and Planning the Year Ahead on January 2. They’re live interactive workshops which you can join via Zoom video and they’re about making space, journaling and setting meaningful intentions, grounded in understanding the good and bad of the year just gone.

I’m running the workshops within The Freedom Seekers’ Collective private membership community, but you can come too if you like. Just follow this link and sign up for a two week free trial membership.