Shine a spotlight on your best clients so you can attract more of the same

You know your absolute favourite client? The one you'd like to clone and just keep working with again and again?

Well, what if they were right there on your website, working tirelessly on your behalf, selling your services for you? How about if, instead of a short testimonial quote from them, you had a full length compelling story about everything you've done for them, how much they loved working with you, and what a difference it's made?

If this appeals to you - but you know you'd never find the time to interview them, or know which questions to ask, or how to pull out the best stories from them, or how to draw all the information together to make an engaging narrative - then the answer's straightforward. Just get an experienced writer, editor and customer researcher to do it for you.

You can see my approach to case studies for my own business by checking out my Spotlight section on this site.

There's a slew of data out there about the importance of social proof and case studies - for instance, 90% of buyers who read positive customer success content claim that it influences their purchasing decision, and 77% of B2B customers in the evaluation phase of buying cited testimonials and case studies as the most influential types of content.

As my granny always said (in a doom-laden tone), "Self-praise is no praise," - and people are much more likely to trust what others say about you than what you say about yourself. And of course, modesty may prevent you from being as fulsome about your services as your greatest fans would be.

I know that, for myself, if I'm considering a purchase, reviews, testimonials and case studies are critical once I get to the point of deciding between options. A good case study allows me to really think my way into the purchase and to put myself into the shoes of a happy customer. And of course, seeing case studies featuring 'people like us' is really affirming for potential clients.

Case studies work brilliantly for all stages of business, but they can be particularly useful when you're fairly early on in the game - by definition you just can't have heaps of testimonials when you've only worked with a handful of people (especially if some of them turned out to be the wrong fit).

But if you've worked with just one client who made your heart sing, who 'got' what you did and experienced the kind of transformation you know you'd love to provide for others, then you've got the basis of a great case study. And then from that case study, more similar people will be drawn to working with you.

So, if you think that a case study might just work its magic wand for you, how does it work?

Step 1 - you and I have a zoom chat so you can tell me about your absolute favourite client and what information you'd most like to capture from them - and we can discuss what would be strategically most important for your potential future clients to know. You give me their contact details and let them know I'll be in touch.

Step 2 - I contact them and set up an interview at a mutually convenient time

Step 3 - I ask them everything you most want to know - and you'll get an audio recording of the interview for your records.

Step 4 - I write the interview up into a case study, highlighting pull quotes for you to use in blogs, social media, project proposals, emails, pitches etc.

Step 5 - Both you and the client get to see the case study narrative and make any changes you see fit.

Step 6 - You're ready to publish the case study and start cloning your best client!

If you want to start using the proven power of case studies as rocket fuel for your business - without having to do any of the research or writing involved - then book a free consultation with me to check that we're the right fit, and we can get the ball rolling.

Investment: £450 (roughly $610 USD)