How to find time for everything that matters in your business & your life

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How long? Three weeks of e-course with three private coaching sessions, followed by three weeks of email support for accountability and follow-up questions.

How much? £500

Running a business wasn’t supposed to be this hard.

You started out wanting to share your gifts with the world and have plenty of time for your family and the rest of your life. That’s not quite how it’s turning out though. The big dreams you had seem to have got buried somewhere under your never-ending to-do list.

You’re tired of always feeling stretched too thin, scrambling to catch up.

You’re stuck on a hamster wheel of busy work - between email, social media, marketing and networking, it seems there’s barely any time at all to do your real work. And this business that was supposed to give you the flexibility to be fully present with your family instead seems to be taking over your life.

And the demands of running a home and a family are constantly chipping away at the time you have available for work. You can never fully relax because your mind ALWAYS has a ticker-tape running through it, keeping track of All The Things. You feel responsible for everything but not quite in control of any of it.

You hate this thought, but you’re starting to doubt that running your own business really is the right thing to do. At least when you had a 9-5 job, you had a reliable structure (and pay cheque!) to plan around.

Even though you’re making ends meet, it doesn’t feel sustainable, let alone enjoyable.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

You’re ready for a different approach to running your business - one that doesn’t try to separate your business from your life. Instead, you’ll see how the big picture fits together - work, family, household, time for you - and how you can ensure that all the important stuff gets taken care of.

You want a business that supports you, not just financially, but in terms of your energy and emotions too, so that you’re not left drained at the end of the working day.

Imagine waking up knowing (really deep down knowing) that everything important is fully accounted for on your to-do list and calendar. You really ARE going to get everything done that needs to get done, today and every day.

No brain fog, no exhaustion, no desperate scrabbling for half-remembered files or emails. The dark cloud that’s been hanging over your brain for as long as you can remember has lifted and you can see blue skies ahead.

What would it be like to know that, not only is all the crucial work stuff going to get done, but you’ll have the time and energy to have more fun with your kids? Or to plan date nights that don’t involve crashing out on the sofa in front of Netflix?

And imagine really having time for you - time to go for a walk in the woods, curl up with a book, or catch up with a friend - without feeling too exhausted or time-crunched to be able to relax and enjoy it.

It can happen - and I can help.

I coach self-employed women who feel their business has turned into a demanding job, complete with long hours for not enough pay. I help them create a business they feel great about, so they can finally enjoy the freedom of being their own boss.

My own experience of facing burnout and managing a chronic illness caused me to dive into all the available research into how best to manage your time, energy and focus - you can read more about my own experiences here. I’ve taken that hard-won knowledge and used it to create a system through which I’ve been able to help my clients.

In End Overwhelm you’ll learn how to manage your time in a very different way, so you’ll finally feel as if there really are enough hours in the day for all the things you want and need to do.

You won’t feel like you’re spending all day every day fire-fighting and never getting to the important work you set up your business to be able to do. You’ll stop feeling stressed and start feeling energised, enthused and crystal clear about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

After three short weeks of us working together, you will:

  • Feel a sense of ease and flow around your work and life - no more worrying that things are getting missed while you’re constantly juggling and hustling to get everything done

  • Have a new weekly schedule that’s crafted around your unique set of responsibilities and your specific creative rhythms. When you look at your calendar, everything in there will fit with your values and will reflect your highest priorities for that week.

  • Finally start enjoying the freedom and flexible schedule that comes from being your own boss


Erica Lampley - graphic designer

"I no longer feel like my business is running me. Before working with Sophy I was drowning in doing all the things and unhappy about doing most of them. Now I have a clear strategy and clear steps to get there. Most importantly, it feels easy.

It’s been such a pleasure working with Sophy. She is so calm and genuine. It felt like we were sitting right across from each other over tea, not oceans apart!"

Christina Paul.jpg

christina Paul - web designer

“Working with Sophy is so grounding and clarifying, and I love her attention to those little practical details that can make such a big difference. She’s so good at translating good intentions into reality; it really feels like it’s coming from some solid boots-on-the-ground experience.

I got accountability to implement practices such as time-tracking and meditation, which has given me crucial perspective and headspace. Then there was the clarity, confidence and practical steps around ‘big girl’ things like how to wrap up on draggy projects; tweaking my contract and communication to create better boundaries for future projects; breaking up with a client who could potentially jeopardise my new way of working, etc.” 

Susan Kemp.jpg

susan kemp - filmmaker, writer & ceramicist

“With a few precise comments she suggested new ways for me to approach certain aspects of my work environment and also how I might fix some scheduling issues. Her directions made so much sense they seemed obvious as soon as she’d said them. I think that is the measure of her abilities – those solutions seem obvious only because they so perfectly fit the problems. Believe me when I tell you they had previously been as obvious to me as a black cat in a coal cellar.

Since my coaching session the stress and guilt I felt at my lack of progress has entirely lifted and with that fug of emotion removed I am free to get on with the rest. I can thoroughly recommend Sophy’s coaching.”

Your End Overwhelm package includes:

The E-course:

You’ll get emails from me every other day for three weeks, giving you bite-sized actions to start creating some momentum. You’ll understand more about the details of how you’re using your time (and what’s zapping your energy) at the moment. You’ll get some indications about what to start changing - and you’ll start thinking about what your ideal flexible schedule would look like and what your overall vision is for your business. You’ll also be given an easy-to-use time-tracking system - because you can’t start managing something you’ve never measured. Digging in and really getting to grips with what’s going on now - and how you’d like to change it - are the essential first steps towards ending the time crunch and moving towards a sense of ease, calm and freedom.

The End Overwhelm Coaching sessions:

This are three private coaching sessions (45 mins each) where we’ll roll up our sleeves and get right into the nitty-gritty of how to take control of your time. Because they’re one-to-one sessions, we can focus entirely on the specifics of your situation. We’ll radically simplify your to-do list and calendar and start transforming your relationship with time.

By the end of these sessions you’ll be ready to put systems in place that mean you can be much more efficient. Because you’ve designed them yourself, they won’t feel constraining or over-complicated, instead they’ll feel creative, freeing and empowering.

You’ll understand how to ride the ebb and flow of your own energy to get more done, and how to increase your focus. As a result, you’ll start feeling much more ease and flow in your life, at work and at home. You’ll finally have the time, energy and focus to start building the dream business you thought you were creating in the first place.

The Freedom Plan:

You’ll leave your final coaching session with a step-by-step plan for a new approach to your life and business. Now’s your chance to start putting it into action, with some supporting materials from me. This is an opportunity to experiment, and to see how your plan stands up to real life - knowing that you’ve got email support from me for a further three weeks as you begin implementing it.

The Freedom Follow-up

I’ll hold you accountable for making the changes you need to leave overwhelm behind.  Here’s where we’ll make double sure you have a robust plan, that can withstand the odd curveball that life’s bound to throw at some point. After the adjustments we make, you’ll be able to sit back and relax into your new calmer way of life - and start enjoying the perks that come from being your own boss.

You really CAN have enough time for everything that’s truly important to you and a flexible schedule to make sure it all happens. And I can help you work out how to get there.

Investment: £500


So, are you ready to get back in control of your time and energy and End Overwhelm?

Excellent! Here’s how to get started:

Step 1. Arrange your free consultation call with me here.

Step 2. We’ll have a no-pressure chat and you can decide whether End Overwhelm is the right fit for you.

Step 3. If the answer’s yes, then within 24 hours of making your payment, you’ll receive an email from me with your Clarity Questions and supporting materials, and a link to my online scheduler so you can book your three coaching sessions.

Step 4. You’ll complete your Clarity Questions and send your answers to me.

Step 5. You’ll start receiving the e-course via email.

Step 6.  We’ll have our first Zoom video session at the appointed time and get you started with simplifying your life and business!

If you have any questions about how the programme works, don’t hesitate to email me ( I’m always happy to help!