Finding your the story at the heart of your business is about understanding your calling, how your business expresses your true vocation. When you find that element of vocation, it feels like coming home.

Your calling is beautifully described by Frederick Buechner as:

"…the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet."

The Full Story is my signature service, that gets at the heart of what you do, why you do it and how you communicate. We'll unlock your 'deep gladness' - you, working in your zone of genius - and look at how to match that up with the 'deep hunger' of your dream clients, so that you can do your very best work for the people who need and want that work the most. In other words, we’ll find your signature offering, which needs to be at the heart of your business offerings.

This is what happens when we work together on uncovering your Full Story:

  • You get a hotline to everything your perfect fit clients think about you - and what they really deep-down want next from you.

  • And you get a crystal clear, dialled-down sense of what your brand is, what you stand for and exactly how you're different from the rest of your market.

  • We make sure that clarity is based on what you do best - you working right smack in the middle of your zone of genius.

  • You work with an experienced editor (me!) who draws out from you the real life examples and stories that best distill your brand message.

  • And your story is aligned with your overall marketing strategy and business structure, so that you have one holistic business game plan that can be the foundation of all your decision-making and messaging.

  • As part of this process, we’ll identify your Signature Service - your main offering. This may be something new from what you’re offering at the moment, or it may simply be a tweaking or expansion or prioritising of an existing offering. This will almost certainly not be the only thing that you do, but it will be at the heart of what you offer your clients or audience. And don’t worry if you’re a multi-passionate who can’t imagine doing just one thing, we’ll draw together all the different threads that light you up into one gorgeous multi-dimensional programme, course or service.

You get a clear sense of direction, (re)discover your sense of purpose and your whole business feels cohesive and uniquely you. Launches for new services or offerings are much less stressful, since you know in advance that they are a perfect fit for your ideal clients.

The right people - your people - will recognise you immediately as one of their own; understand and remember your brand; instantly 'get' your perspective on their issues; care about what you have to say; and they'll be asking to buy the service you most want to provide for them.

Once you really own your voice, you can step more fully into your power - and then you can start inspiring more people into action, amplifying your impact and taking your business to the next level.

Here's how it works:

We start with a business strategy session to ensure that your brand voice fits with your pricing, your business structure and the relationship you want to have with your clients.

Then we'll have a session designed to capture the sweet spot where your zone of genius meets your core values and your deeper sense of purpose, so that we can ensure that your brand effectively represents you at your absolute best.

Next we'll have a story-capture session, where we discover the stories that shed the most light on the transformations you can create by the services you offer, plus the origin story of your business and your own personal journey story. Then we’ll do some digging to discover the core strategy story within these stories.

Next, you'll gain a new, customer-focused insight into your business as a result of my in-depth research on your behalf - I'll interview your three favourite clients to capture the essence of what you do best, what they were looking for when they hired you and how your services have worked for them.

Next I'll research the rest of your market and the other players offering alternatives to your services, to make sure we understand how you fit into the overall ecosystem in your niche.

You'll come away with a Full Story Playbook including a story bank, content ideas generator and a goldmine of information on your ideal clients and how to position your offer against the alternatives.

And then we’ll have a final in-depth planning session, to work out how you’re going to put this new-found clarity into action. We’ll work out a step-by-step action plan and you get one month of email accountability and support from me to start carrying out this plan.

If you want to do so, you can go on to my Web Copy package, and/or I can work with visual branding designers, SEO experts and others to help express your brand voice through all aspects of your website. I have a small number of graphic designers, web designers and SEO experts whom I can recommend wholeheartedly, or I can work with the people of your choosing.

So, what exactly's in the Playbook?

Part One - All about You, Your Niche, Your Dream Clients & Your Big Thing

Audience Profile: A research-based breakdown of your target market

Ideal client Dossier: All the juicy information from my interviews with your favourite clients

Your Sweet Spot: Your signature blend of core strengths, values and inner purpose

Your Ecosystem: A rundown of how you fit into your niche

Your Point of Difference: What makes you stand out in the marketplace

Your Signature Offering: Your defining service, course or programme

Part Two - Content & Style

Core Messaging: Your brand beliefs, values and message (where your sweet spot meets your ideal clients' needs) distilled down to a pithy message that’s easy to share or to pitch

Writing Goals: What you're trying to achieve when you share content

Voice Appeal: Your signature style of communication (do you shine when you’re playful and informal or are you at your best when you’re being authoritative and leading from your experience?)

Content Types: The best formats and platforms for you to share information and ideas

Content Themes: 3-6, tailored to where your interests intersect with your perfect clients' issues

Story Bank: Your unique stories, with suggestions about where & when to use them

Part Three - Marketing Strategy

Outreach Plan: concrete ideas for how best to reach out to your ideal clients

The Playbook will make everything else in your business easier - it will be straightforward to decide which ideas to take forward and which to put on a back-burner without second-guessing, since you'll know in advance which new offers are likely to resonate most strongly with your perfect fit clients.

You'll be able to adjust your pricing to reflect your new focus on working only in your genius zone. And you'll be more motivated because you're always doing your best work for your favourite clients.

Who is it for?

You need to have been in business for at least a year to get the most out of this (whereas Story Power can work however long you’ve been in business and even before you get started) - and it can be useful if you've been in business for much longer but are either ready to level up, contemplating a pivot, or working with a new client group - or even if you're just feeling a bit stale or lacking in direction.

You can combine it with my Web Copy service, or just dive straight in to adjusting your messaging yourself, working with the Playbook to guide you.

How is my approach different?

Often in story and brand voice work, the emphasis is mostly on you - which seems sensible, since it's your brand right? But here we're focusing equally on you AND your clients, because it's in the place where your expertise meets your clients' needs that your brand voice speaks most clearly - and where your story needs to be heard.

The other difference comes from me. Usually people working in the branding world come from design or social science research backgrounds, but my background is as an editor with twenty years experience in the books world. I'm used to working intensely collaboratively with writers, bringing out their voice and helping to make their stories shine. That's my zone of genius and by working on your Full Story, I get to bring my expertise to meet your hunger to be seen for who you truly are and to serve your own best clients more deeply.

Your investment:

£2,250 upfront or 3 payments of £775 each.