Hello! I'm Sophy.


I help women entrepreneurs create sustainable long-term success in their business.


I'm a business and writing mentor. I help creative entrepreneurs find more ease and flow within their business by focusing on playing to their strengths. I work with them to distill their unique 'sweet spot' of mastery, values, purpose and story into both their brand voice and their overall business strategy.

My clients come to me when they start to feel scattered or inconsistent, or they know that they're trying to juggle too many moving parts - or sometimes something just feels 'off' in the messaging around their business. 

Everything becomes easier once you are focusing all your efforts around your core strengths and have truly found your voice. Finding and understanding the story you really want to tell and the conversations you really want to be having will draw your ideal clients in and create loyal fans and repeat customers.



Coaching with Sophy has made quite an impact on the business choices I make. She gave me permission to not chase All The Things, and be really selective about what I choose to spend my time and energy on. It’s been quite liberating! And so far, this has been the most comfortable and fast-growing of the businesses I’ve created...

Christina Paul | Web Designer + Copywriter | Zeoni Creations

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Create more impact with less effort.


'Do Less: Achieve More' is a short, intensive 1:1 coaching programme for self-employed women who want to get back in control of their time, energy and focus.

After all, running a business wasn’t supposed to be this hard.

You’re proud of the business you’ve built up but you’re tired of always feeling stretched too thin, scrambling to catch up.

All this can change though.

Imagine waking up knowing (really deep down knowing) that everything important is fully accounted for on your to-do list and calendar.

You really ARE going to get everything done that needs to get done, today and every day.

You'll have the benefit of fresh eyes on your business, helping you to work out what is truly important, so you can double down on that and find creative ways to stop doing everything else.

This programme will help you:

  • Know what to stop doing, what to outsource, what to automate and what to do differently (both at home and in your business) so you have a short, focused to-do list which reflects your real priorities
  • Feel a sense of ease and flow around your work and life - you'll be leveraging your core strengths, honouring your values and aligning with your deeper sense of purpose

  • Have a new weekly schedule that’s crafted around your unique set of responsibilities and your specific creative rhythms. When you look at your calendar, everything in there will fit with your values and will tie in with what your business actually needs.

  • Have time set aside each week to truly step into the role of CEO of your business, getting you out of feast and famine work cycles and allowing you to make sure you are able to start doing the work that really affects the success of your business

  • Finally start enjoying the freedom and flexible schedule that comes from being your own boss


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Sophy helps people succeed by being more of themselves. She’s one of the most supportive and affirming coaches I’ve worked with. I got a lot out of our sessions together and think that I’ll be applying these strategies in my business for a long time to come.

Michelle Ayn Tessensohn | Master Coach | Visionary Passages

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