Hello! I'm Sophy.


I can help you find the right words to reach the right people.


Online businesses are built on words - from your web copy, to your emails, to your FB ads, and Instagram stories, to your sales calls - use the right words and you’ll connect with the right people.

No manipulation, no hard sell, no need to convince or persuade anyone.

Just being noticed by the people who want what you've got.

I’ve created an e-course on writing effective but non-sleazy sales pages:



“I felt like Sophy just ‘got me’ from the get-go. She left me with simple, actionable ways to boost my business, and it’s such a relief to know I can do it in a way that’s totally comfortable, authentic, and suited to where I am in life + biz. I’m feeling lighter and bolder, and ready to rumble!”

Christina Paul | Web Designer + Copywriter | Zeoni Creations

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