Jacqueline K Calladine

artist mentor

Are you waiting to step into your Wild Creative Life? Are you looking to place your creativity at the centre of everything you do? Do you want to run an ethical, eco-friendly business that is led by your own values? Then I can help.

I support women who wish to create positive change in their own lives - and in the lives of others - through their art, whatever that looks like. I am a visual artist myself, a community arts leader, and passionate creative placemaker. I believe that art heals both individuals and communities, and that through our own individual creative actions we can transform the world in which we live.

I designed the Wild Creative Life tools for myself and now share them with other creative women who desire a life led by their creativity and lived in harmony with the Earth. It doesn’t matter what your art form is – writer, singer, dancer, painter – I have experience of working with all kinds of artists as a nonprofit arts leader.

Specific challenges I can help you with are: How to decide on your creative focus, how to centre creativity in your life, how to build a flexible business plan, how to build community around your work, how to find your own selling style, how to “green up” your studio, how to lead with your own ethical values – all the elements of a Wild Creative Life and business. Interested? A good first step is to sign up for my monthly Wild Notes in which I share some of my Wild Creative Life tools and tips. If you like what you read we can then talk about individual mentoring packages or in-person workshops. I look forward to welcoming you into my creative circle!