Jessica Uys

enneagram coach & Facilitator

I’m a Coach and Facilitator who helps people align with their true selves so they can live lives of greater intent and joy.

I believe that transformation comes from being willing to look at ourselves, and our work, with a fresh lens:

When we’re able to see what we want, what motivates us and what drives us, we’re more able to live into our strengths and desires.

And when we’re able to see our fears, triggers and blindspots, we’re more able to see how we’ve been limiting ourselves and to do what it takes to choose differently.

I help you look at how you’re showing up in your business through the lens of the Enneagram, an archetypal framework that offers a powerful roadmap to personal and professional development. The 9 styles represent the different lenses through which we tend to view the world, and that guide how we think, feel and act. Through understanding WHY we behave in the way we do, we’re more able to make conscious choices and build our businesses with greater intent.

My Enneagram for Business Alignment Programme provides you with a 40-page Professional Report, a reflective workbook plus 3 personal coaching session that take you from insight to action.

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