Lorraine Watson

SEO Strategist

Bringing your work into the world takes more than a beautiful website, the best copy, or the perfect brand. (And I don’t make that statement lightly surrounded here by such talented company.) You need to get found by those who are looking for exactly your help. The secret to being discovered is in knowing how people are searching for what you have to offer and creating a positive, connecting experience for them. You already have the second part covered off. The first part is where SEO steps in.

While the mere mention of SEO can be trauma-inducing, its purpose is really quite simple: solving people's problems using their own words and letting search engines know you can solve those problems. Doing that well means SEO will touch upon many areas including branding, website design, copy, and even social media and marketing.

But not to fear. You're not in this alone. As an SEO strategist, my role is to work with you in creating a plan to infuse SEO into your online presence, and then collaborate with the best resources to work the plan. Even though SEO is most easily done at the start of a project, blending SEO into an established presence can be done by reworking the necessary components.

If you're not being found right now, or want to start off on the right foot, let's chat.