Stop. Take a deep breath. You don't have to do everything on your own.

Discover what it’s like to be self-employed with serious support.

This is a four month transformative experience, based on conversation, collaboration and connection. 

You will have a protected space, time, and community with which to dive into the most pressing questions in your professional life. You'll know that you’re focusing on doing the right things in the right order to ensure that you achieve the things that are most important to you in your business.


Join a hand-picked, introvert-friendly small group (4-6) of ambitious, curious, creative and collaborative women who will have your back, help you focus, and get you past overwhelm. Combine this with 1:1 dedicated guidance and advice from your very own business mentor.

The Mastermind is for women who are freelancers, entrepreneurs, or running a social enterprise or non-profit. If the buck stops with you and you're finding your own clients, customers or funding, then this is your community.

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The whole experience is so much more than the sum of its parts. You get the insight of the other business owners, in a really well chosen group, AND Sophy's amazing expert coaching -- the copy editing and 1:1 feedback would be worth the investment alone! Plus there are always opportunities to access more 1:1 feedback and guidance if you need it. I just really love it."

Madeleine Forbes, Copywriter and E-Course Creator

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A major shift for me has been a new understanding of how to set goals in a way that doesn't feel heavy or overwhelming. The accountability part has been huge as well; being able to check into the FB group with questions at any time between calls, and also having the set days for sharing specific things is brilliant. 

It's a relief to know that someone is orchestrating the framework and I just have to do the work and show up, rather than try to remember when things are or follow my own deadlines, which inevitably become way too flexible. The small group aspect is lovely; I've learned so much just from hearing the others talking about their own businesses."

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Create a business support network. Set yourself ambitious but achievable goals. And, just as importantly, learn a new method to make sure you implement them.

I’m Sophy Dale, a business mentor committed to creating businesses based on connection and care, and an editor and brand voice strategist who takes the stress out of creating copy for your business (See what my clients have to say about working with me here.)

I want to find routes for us to live supported, ethically-based, creative lives, doing work that excites us and meets the needs of our perfect fit clients. One way of doing this is to work collaboratively, in small groups of like-minded people. As Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has."

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I would definitely recommend it to other heart-centred entrepreneurs. It's great that we all check in and support one another - it feels empowering and active."

Avni Trivedi, Osteopath and Wellness Advocate

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compass sophy dale coaching mastermind

If this is your time to hold a bigger vision for the work you want to do in the world - and to start making that vision a reality - the Mastermind could be just what you need.

The Mastermind is for you if you’re feeling a mix of overwhelm, isolation and confusion about what to do next to grow your business - or, you know more or less what you need to do but you need a framework and accountability so that you actually do it.

If your friends and family glaze over every time you start talking to them about your work and you don’t have a business partner to help you to wrestle with big (and small) decisions, then being self-employed can feel incredibly lonely. This could change dramatically if you had daily access to a business mentor AND your own brains trust of like-minded solopreneurs.

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The biggest challenge working on my own is the lack of stretch and perspective to my thinking. It's been great to hear new thoughts, fresh ideas and how other people handle their challenges. Even when the business may be very different to mine, hearing someone else's thought process always seems to unlock a new way of thinking that I can apply to my own.

I would definitely recommend the Mastermind. It's given me the support, connection and practical tools to take action at a time when I was feeling incredibly stuck."

Jessica Uys, Enneagram Coach

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Let's make sure we're a perfect fit. The Mastermind is a small, hand-picked group of women business owners, so the chemistry of the group is absolutely crucial  to its success. 

Mid-August - Mid-Sept


Includes your first 1:1 coaching session with Sophy and pre-work to help you get clear on your vision and goals in advance of the Mastermind starting.



A blend of 1:1 coaching, mastermind sessions, and group accountability, feedback and support over 13 weeks. You also get copywriting support and optional co-working sessions.

Kick-off workshop will happen the week of 23rd September, and group sessions will run until mid-December.

If you'd like to find out about my free Scholarship and half-fee Bursaries scheme, all the information is here.

what you get

  • Initial 2 hour mastermind session to set your personal ‘12 Week Year’ Goals, plan milestones etc.

  • Fortnightly 90 minute group mastermind sessions - held on Zoom

  • 3 x 1:1 coaching sessions with Sophy (1 hour long)

  • A private group forum, hosted on Mighty Networks. Sophy will check in 5 days a week, so you'll never be left hanging, waiting for an answer.

  • Fortnightly office hour with Sophy - you can book a 15 minute chat in this time slot

  • Advanced goal-setting (using the 12 Week Year method)

  • Weekly goal-reporting accountability within the FB group

  • Peer support

  • Weekly feedback on your sales/web/newsletter copy (Sophy is also a professional editor with 20 years of experience working with writers)

  • Optional 1:1 Skype coffee sessions and co-working sessions with other group members

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I really love the 'multimedia' aspect - FB check ins, short video responses, group calls, and the copy-checking. It feels really rich but not overwhelming; at the core is my own work, without any distracting extras. 

I love Sophy's calming presence - it makes me feel safe and like we have a solid platform to jump from and return to. That's priceless really."

Tara Leaver - Artist & E-Course creator

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time investment

In order to get the most out of the Mastermind, you’ll need to allow around 3 hours a week to be working on your business rather than just in your business.

This includes time for group and/or 1:1 calls but also time honing your business messaging and plans - and time supporting other group members by, for instance, giving advice or asking clarifying questions in the private group forum. 

If you don’t have this kind of time to spend on your business, this isn’t the right programme for you at the moment (you can check out an alternative option here).

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It's personal, not generic. The level of connection, intimacy and personal attention is high. To get the most out of it you need to be willing to show up 100% for yourself and for the others in the group."

Jessica Uys, Enneagram Coach

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Financial Investment

£1,400 if paid upfront (roughly $1,700 USD)

or 3 payments of £475 (roughly $590 USD)


- available until August 29th

£1,200 if paid upfront (roughly $1,490 USD)

or 3 payments of £400 (roughly $496)


*also, if the cost is a big issue for you, please check out the details of my Scholarship and Bursaries scheme here.



The Mastermind will give you:

  • Clarity - know what to focus on and in what order

  • Practical strategies and support to implement your ideas

  • Feedback - both on your plans and on your written copy

  • Support with the inner work of unpacking fear and resistance - so that you can bring your biggest and best ideas out into the world

  • Community - a group of women who know you and your business inside out and have your back.

  • Learning - there's a huge amount to learn from the blend of skills & experience within the group.

the five layers of the programme are: 

  1. Six group call Mastermind sessions, to which you can bring any business issue that's currently on your mind for hot-seat coaching

  2. Three 1:1 mentoring sessions with Sophy

  3. Goal-setting (in the initial 2 hour group workshop) and weekly goal-tracking & accountability in the Facebook group

  4. Optional weekly copy review by Sophy

  5. Daily interaction in the private group forum, including optional co-working sessions

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I've gained an incredible amount from taking part. I could have muddled along by myself for years and not have reached this level of clarity. 

I’ve saved a huge amount of time and money. It has made every single decision easier, and if you run your own business, you know how many decisions need to be made in a day."

Madeleine Forbes, Copywriter and E-course Creator

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Who is this Mastermind right for?

 You're a one woman band and there's lots that you love about flying solo - but now you're ready to get some outside input into your business.

 You want to share your gifts with the world and do work that lights you up.

 You want to set - and then be supported to execute - goals which are just right for you and your business: a stretch but not unrealistic. You're looking for gentle but firm accountability, honesty, integrity and a warm and collaborative environment.

 You know you're capable of more and you are ready to explore how to get there. You're looking for both cheerleading and challenge.

 You're creative, intuitive and not interested in internet hype, 'seven-figures in six months' and other variants of pushy or manipulative marketing.

 This isn't your first rodeo - you're at least a couple of years (maybe more) into running your own business (or non-profit) and you're ready to go deep and really understand how to bring your business into alignment with your deeper purpose; how to reach out to the people you most want to work with and how to build deep and lasting partnerships as the foundation of your business.

You're actively looking for partnerships and interested in hearing other people's perspectives on your plans.

 You want to shift things in some significant way in your business - maybe you want to change your audience or what you do for them; maybe you want to raise your prices with integrity; maybe you want to pivot to doing something related but different. Maybe you're just ready for more: more clients, more work, more money. Conversely, you might be ready for less: less complexity, less social media, less noise and hype.

 You are willing to commit to showing up and doing the work. We all know that sometimes life gets messy or complicated and you may have to miss a meeting as a one-off, but you need to be up for committing to giving the Mastermind your highest priority for the 3 months for which it runs.

 Related to this: you're willing to make some shifts in the rest of your life (if only for the 3 months of the Mastermind) to simplify and cut down on other commitments, if that's what would be needed to find 3 hours a week to work on your business.

 You are excited by the possibilities involved in both giving AND receiving support within the group. You're willing to be vulnerable (within a facilitated and safe space) and you're also willing to listen first and give advice second. You want to share in creating an environment in which everyone feels heard and can grow together.

 You're looking for connection, collaboration and learning. You're open, flexible and curious about new ideas.

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 Taking part in the Mastermind has given me a feeling of community from others who 'get it'  - giving me support, encouragement and feedback. I've had the space I needed to allow my ideas to come to fruition. 

When I was doing my taxes I realised how many courses I have bought that didn't feel like they made much difference - often a book offers more. But this feels intimate.I feel invested in everyone in the group doing well."

Avni Trivedi, Osteopath & Wellness Advocate

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It's probably not for you (at least at the moment) if:

  • You’re new to working for yourself or have little experience offering your service.

  • You're looking for a big and bustling community - there will be a max of 6 members in the group calls.

  • You need support but don't have time to offer it to others (in this case, a 1:1 Mentorship with me might be what you need!).

  • You don't like asking for help or accepting feedback.

  • You’re not interested in actively participating in a collaborative community.

  • You can’t commit to showing up in the group and on calls regularly.

  • You're looking for group therapy - this is a highly supportive environment but it's no substitute for professional therapy and the discussion and activity will be focused around your business, whilst fully acknowledging that the personal and professional are merged for solopreneurs. So, we'll discuss how the ripples of big change in your personal life impact on your work, but it will be through the lens of considering your strategy and tactics from a professional perspective.

  • The very idea of setting intentions and finding your deeper purpose brings you out in a rash.

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The Mastermind has given me the sense of drive and accountability I was craving. As someone who is pretty action-oriented, I don't usually have a problem getting things done, but it tends to come in fits and starts. This mastermind has enabled me not only to take action, but to take action in a consistent way.

I've loved having a group of people I respect and trust as a sounding board for thoughts, ideas or concerns. I've felt supported in both an emotional way, and also a super practical way."

Jessica Uys, Enneagram Coach

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Does the Mastermind sound right for you? 


If you're interested but not sure if the Mastermind is quite the right fit, or if the timing is going to work, book a time for a no-pressure chat with Sophy by clicking the button below.


What happens if I miss the group calls?

I hope you will be able to make most of them, but if you do have to miss one, then you can watch the recording of it. If you know in advance that you'll have to miss the call, you can submit a question ahead of the session and we'll cover it within the call. Equally, if you know that you'll only be able to be there for part of the call, let me know in advance and we can make sure we cover your question whilst you're able to be there. Just to reiterate though, if you know that you will have great difficulty in attending live calls, this probably isn't the right programme for you, since so much of the learning and value comes from the collaboration and listening in the group calls.

When will the calls take place?

This will be determined once we know the makeup of the group, since time zones will play a huge part in deciding when the calls need to take place. It's a small group, so I'm pretty confident we'll be able to find a time that works for everyone. If you sign up and the time we end up settling on, that fits the needs of the majority of the group, just doesn't work for you - and we can't find a compromise to suit, then your fee will be refunded in full. Which brings me to...

What is your refund policy?

It's important to me that everyone in the Mastermind is there because they want to be there - and that any processes and rules are fair both to me as the facilitator (making my living through this work) and you as the participant (paying your hard-earned cash in the hope of getting support and guidance). The application process is very thorough, in the hope of minimising the kinds of mismatch which lead to someone wanting a refund. That said, you can cancel your Mastermind membership within 14 days of making your first payment and will receive a refund, minus a £75 fee to cover administration.

After this period, if something comes up (such as a bereavement) that makes your continued participation in the group impossible, I will arrange a refund for the period of the Mastermind that remains.

I've only just started working for myself, will this be right for me?

No, probably not. Contact me and we can have a chat about my other programmes.

What happens, week by week?

As described above, there are various elements to the programme, which run concurrently: 

  1. the group call Mastermind sessions, to which you can bring any business issue that's currently on your mind for hot-seat coaching

  2. your 1:1 mentoring sessions with Sophy (and fortnightly office hours)

  3. the goal-setting (in the initial 3 hour group workshop) and weekly goal-tracking in the private group forum

  4. the optional copy review by Sophy

The programme has a short period of pre-work in September - you'll have your first 1:1 coaching session with Sophy in this period, plus you'll get your workbook and your invitation to join the private group forum.

Then the Mastermind starts properly with an extra-long 3 hour group session to work on your 12 Week Year goals and implementation plan in Week Zero. Following on from then, for the next 12 weeks, in alternate weeks you'll either have a group call or have 1:1 access to Sophy in an office hour. So, Weeks 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 will each have Q&A sessions, whilst Weeks 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 will have the group mastermind calls.

Every week you'll be held accountable for your goals, action plan and milestones in the private group forum.

During the 13 weeks of the Mastermind you can post any written copy for review by Sophy - this includes web copy (such as your Home, About or Sales pages, particular blog posts or newsletters, social media content).

After your intake 1:1 call with me in August/September, you'll have a second 1:1 call at a time to suit you during the period of the Mastermind and a final wrap-up call after the group calls have come to an end.

I'm definitely interested, what's the next step?

The success of the Mastermind is all about having the right people in the group - the chemistry is crucial. So, the first step is for us to have a chat, so we can both determine if it sounds like a good fit. I can answer any further questions you have and also I can find out more about you. Sign up for a free 30 minute discovery call via the button below:

If you'd like to find out a bit more about one participant's experience of the Mastermind, read Tara Leaver's interview in Spotlight.