Making the Mastermind accessible

If you love the idea of the support, accountability, business development and guidance that you could get through joining my Mastermind group, but it's too big a financial stretch for you at the moment, you might want to apply for a full scholarship or a 50% fee bursary...

I've designed the Scholarship and Bursary options for people who, for various reasons, including chronic illness or disability, single parenthood, or the barriers that living in a racist and homophobic world have put in their way, would find it hard to cover the full fee.  I also want to be able to support entrepreneurial spirits who are working in the social enterprise and non-profit sectors. One of the great strengths of being part of the Mastermind is its diversity of voices and perspectives - I want to make sure that this diversity is as rich as possible.

I've made it as easy as I can to apply - simply answer the questions in this form. Before you do that, do make sure you have a good look at the information on the Mastermind here, so that you feel confident it's something you'd actually like to do - and do bear in mind that it involves a time commitment of around two hours a week. Finally, please be aware that the Mastermind is aimed at people who have been in business for at least a couple of years, maybe much longer than that, so if you're new to the business world, it's not the best fit for you at the moment.

There will be a maximum of one full Scholarship and two 50% Bursaries available for the September round of the Mastermind - and, since the chemistry of the group overall is crucial - I may not award either if I can't find people who seem to me to be the right fit for the group.

Here's the link to the questions. I look forward to hearing from you.