Imagine having your own guide, who commits to working with you on whatever aspect of your business you want to focus on.  

Mentoring offers you a unique partnership, which has the space to develop over a period of several months. What we focus on is entirely up to you – what would you find most useful?


I’m Sophy Dale, a business and messaging strategist. I love seeing the transformations that can take place over the course of a three month mentorship - whether that's through creating a new business structure, implementing smooth new systems, building out a team or changing your pricing - or whether it's through getting past money blocks, or helping you to shift your work towards your own zone of genius.



Three months of guidance, feedback and coaching support

Two Levels of Support: Intensive (£2,500/$3,500) or Light Touch (£1,500/$2,135)

Intensive Version

Over a period of three months, you get my 1:1 support in building your business so you can start the process of finding a steady stream of your ideal clients.

We’ll create a simple actionable strategy that’s tailored to your strengths and your current start-up stage of business. I'll be focusing on integration and implementation, so you’re not left high and dry with lots of good ideas but no plan to put them into action.

This is what we cover in the 3 months:

  • We’ll start by ensuring that your business foundation is fully aligned with your strengths, values and sense of purpose – so that you have a business which fits you like a glove, and which will therefore be more motivating for you to work on and in and more attractive to your ideal clients.
  • We will plan out your timeline, milestones, what to do when
  • We'll look at creating flexible and responsive systems in your business to cut out the busywork
  • We will work on how to price and structure your packages & how to add value for your clients with little extras
  • We will work out a marketing plan that feels natural and authentic to you – and isn’t draining to put into action
  • In parallel with this logistical work on stuctures, pricing etc. we will also do some mindset work on money blocks, perfectionism, selling etc. Much of this inner work will be done via the ‘homework assignments’ element of the mentorship.
  • You will have a ‘Copy Feedback’ document in a shared Google Docs file so that we can co-create your web copy, newsletters etc.

As a result, you’ll have a newly re-designed business:

·         That feels personal – it’s crafted around your own greatest strengths, passions and expertise, so that you can do work you really love

·         That fits into your life – it’s doable within the available hours and feels energising and rewarding

·         That feels sustainable – you 'll feel secure that you're creating a reliable income stream

In essence, by working with me as your coach, you ensure that you don’t end up lost in overwhelm and instead stay in action - and actually build momentum. You’ll implement the right things in the right order, to make sure you build a business that works for you.

Here’s how the Intensive Mentorship works:

·         Kick-off pair of 90 min coaching sessions to look at the big picture for your business, uncover your strengths, lay out a plan, set goals for the mentorship period and work out a timeline etc.

·         6 subsequent hour-long coaching sessions (at roughly fortnightly intervals)

·         ‘Homework assignments’ in between coaching sessions – these are a combination of foundational/mindset work plus the work that you would be doing anyway in your business (eg. writing sales pages etc) – doing this as ‘homework’ means that you’re not on your own. Instead, you get my copywriting feedback and there’s a support and accountability framework.

·         Email support in between coaching sessions – this is unlimited (within normal business hours). Any questions you have, whether big or small, you can run by me as and when they occur to you, without having to wait for our next coaching session.

·         A shared Trello Board so we can both keep track of your actions, week by week

·         Shared documents (in google docs) so it’s easy to keep getting my feedback on your course design and marketing documents as and when you create them

·         A 90 minute final deep dive at the end of the mentorship to review your progress and make a plan for your next 3 months


Light Touch Mentorship

This starts in the same way as the Intensive, with two 90 minute deep dive intro sessions, but then instead of getting 6 hour-long coaching sessions looking at pricing, packaging, setting up systems, structuring your book etc, in this version you just get one 60 minute coaching session half way through the mentorship, one 30 minute coaching session to use whenever you hit a particular issue during the mentorship for which you would like my support and then a 90 minute wrap up session at the end to review progress and make new plans.

You get weekly email support and a shared Trello Board to keep track of your progress throughout.

There’s no copy review element to this version of the Mentorship.

The Light Touch is designed to give you a big boost at the beginning, getting you fully aligned and helping you to set stretch goals that are a realistic challenge, and then giving you a degree of support and accountability throughout, with fairly minimal coaching input for the bulk of the 3 months. It works best for people who are pretty clear on the nuts and bolts of what they need to do and don’t need the Web Copy Review, but just want support to make a great plan and then lots of accountability to help them stick to it, with some targeted coaching input along the way.

Either version of the Mentorship is available on a payment plan, in which a third of the cost is paid up front as a deposit, then a third is paid a month later, and the final third paid one month later.

Finally, both versions of the Mentorship should only be undertaken if you really feel ready to start taking action to get your business up and running. You need to be sure that you really have the time to commit to coming to the coaching sessions, doing your homework assignments and tracking your progress towards the goals you’ll have set for yourself in the initial sessions. A mentorship isn’t for someone who is still in research mode, it’s for action takers – if that’s you, you’ll get a huge amount out of it.