One-off clarity call to tweak your copy or messaging - for when you don’t need a long-term partnership, you just need to bring in an expert perspective to sort out one issue. Essentially, you get to rent my brain for an hour - either I can write for you or we can brainstorm suggestions for new offers, or we can jointly co-create or rewrite a particular page on your site.

60 minute Zoom call for £150

Your stories are the key to unlocking your message. I can help you uncover your stories and find the thread that runs through them all.

You’ll be able to ditch the jargon and the tired elevator pitch formula and start feeling excited about talking about what you do. You’ll feel a new focus, energy and confidence about your business, so you'll be able to express what you stand for with a clarity and conviction that draws the right people in.

Finding your niche and honing your message can be really HARD. Unlock Your Message is a gentle, authentic route to uncovering the story at the heart of your business, so that you can start being known for being who you really are.

Investment: £350

Learn one of the most crucial skills in online business AND rewrite your website with support from a trusted editor.

“Sophy is a copywriter extraordinaire.”

Kerstin Martin, Squarespace Web Designer & Online Educator

Turn your web copy around in just 6-8 weeks - imagine the relief you’ll feel to finally have a website you’re proud to send potential clients or collaborators to - and know that you’ve mastered a skill that you’ll be using again and again in your business.

Investment: £1,300