I'm here to help, whether as your  editor, mentor or to write for you.

There are a number of different ways I can help you, outside of Strategy Sessions, The Full Story or the Mastermind.

Either done with you or done for you - a complete rewrite of your website, without the stress. You can find out all about Web Copy rewriting here.

Some clients like to have their own private editor and content strategist, helping them brainstorm what to write and then giving detailed editorial feedback. If this is you, then we can discuss how best to structure that - either as a monthly retainer or as a quarterly service.

Others want a writing mentor so that they can finally get their book out of their head and onto the page (or Kindle...). It's hard work setting up a consistent writing practice and working out what fits into your book and what doesn't. I've worked with countless novice authors on getting into the flow of writing and structuring your book for maximum impact and readability.

You may discover from your work with me that your site is missing vital social proof, in which case you can consider hiring me to write engaging case studies on your favourite clients, so that they can attract more similar people to working with you.

If any of these options sound right for you (or spark an idea for another way I can help you find the right words to reach the right people) then you can start the ball rolling by clicking the button below to arrange a free consultation.