Raising your rates with integrity is something most entrepreneurs struggle with.

You need to earn enough for your business to be sustainable, and yet at the same time you want your services to be accessible. It’s a conundrum - how do you offer huge value to your clients, support yourself properly and grow your business without exploiting people or pricing yourself out of your market? There are elegant and equitable routes out of this dilemma - but we can’t always find them on our own.

Does any of this resonate with you?

  • You can feel yourself inching towards burnout and resentment - yet you worry that if you raise your rates you’ll be excluding people who need your services and may end up with no clients at all.

  • You don’t necessarily identify with terms like ‘premium’ or ‘VIP’ - but you would love to provide an intimate, bespoke, personally crafted service for your clients.

  • You might not even need to raise your rates if you could just stop yourself from rushing to offer discounts, ‘mate’s rates’, and doing lots of unpaid extra work for clients.

  • You’d like to learn more about how to offer your clients a really engaging, interactive and effective experience.

  • You don’t just want to raise your rates - you want to really raise the value of the service you offer, so that you can stand fully behind your pricing.



You get clarity about exactly how to raise your rates, and tailored advice on what will work best for your unique set of circumstances, so that you can simplify your business and focus on what you do best - creating huge shifts for your clients.

We’ll work together for ten weeks in a very small group (max six people) of like-minded business-owners, so that you get peer support and exposure to a range of perspectives, along with targeted 1:1 support.

I’ll take you through issues around unraveling your own money story (and any money blocks it might reveal) and we’ll investigate how value really works and how to create packages and programmes that can be transformative for your clients. We’ll look at accessibility and options such as sliding scale pricing, bursaries, scholarships, trades etc. And we’ll look at ethical marketing and how to hold effective sales conversations based around honesty, empathy and exceptional listening skills. We’ll also look at client research, so that you are building your highest value service around your clients’ greatest needs. Finally, we’ll co-create a compelling sales page for your new offer.

My focus is on moving you out of analysis-paralysis and into action. You’ll get heaps of support and advice and all the accountability you could need to make sure that you stop thinking about raising your rates and actually create and launch higher-value services.


“She is substantive, no-nonsense, a deep listener and able to move people along when they feel stuck"

Kerstin Martin | Squarespace Authorized Trainer and Web Designer

“My prices hadn't moved much over the years, and the thought of putting them up, especially on courses that contained the same content, concerned me… My fears turned out to be completely unfounded. Enrollment numbers did not drop, therefore my income increased quite significantly. And no one has complained!

I wouldn't have done this without Sophy's encouragement and practical reasoning, and thanks to her I have greater freedom and flexibility in my business.

Tara Leaver | Artist | Teacher

"Sophy is really outstanding at what she does. I would highly recommend her services to anyone I know who wants to create a more heartfelt marketing approach for their business. 

Since I followed Sophy's guidance, I'm attracting more of my ideal clients, and when they call, they even tell me they relate to specific things I've expressed in my web copy. 

Her approach is very practical but also warm, down to earth, patient, kind and authentic. It's FUN working with her! 

She's delivered amazing content without any fluff, and I'm seeing quick results from my work with her." 

Jen Johnson | Mindfulness Teacher and Coach


We’ll meet together in our very small group once a week for ten weeks for workshop sessions lasting 90 minutes. Prior to eight of the sessions you’ll have received a lesson (by video, with a written transcript for those, like me, who need to see things written down!) covering topics including money blocks, ethical sales, how to create value, etc.

Two of the weeks are catch-up and integration weeks - we’ll still have the live workshop call so that you can ask questions and continue working through the material and exercises, but you won’t have a new lesson. This will give you time to create your own mini-project to test out your ideas in the real world - and potentially get testimonials and referrals for a new high-touch package. Our weekly workshop sessions make sure that you don’t get stuck in your own head - instead you keep taking actions towards raising your rates.

There’ll also be a private Facebook group, so that you can post questions as they occur to you, without having to wait until the next workshop session - and I’ll reply within 24 hours, Mon-Fri.

We’ll have a shared Google Drive file, so that we can work on co-creating your sales page, to make it as compelling as possible.

This isn’t a programme that you buy now, intending to work through at some later point (and which ends up gathering virtual dust on your hard drive) - this is a join-now-do-now with support at every step of the way intimate small group programme.

You may end up with a completely new high-touch package, or you may just need to slightly tweak what you’re already doing and, crucially, articulate its true value more clearly - or you may end up with your existing package plus an extra-special-support option at a much higher rate. The right outcome will look different depending on you, your business model and your ideal clients. Whatever you come up with, you’ll be able to raise your rates with integrity and step fully into the value you can really offer your clients.


“I would recommend Sophy’s services without hesitation! She is patient, persistent, and supportive, and makes me feel like I can achieve much more than I was aiming for. I think anyone who is struggling to make sense of their products, pricing, and services would benefit greatly from speaking with her. She really opened my eyes to what’s possible in my business.”

Eli Trier | Artist & Author


Who is it for?

You have a service-based business (perhaps as a coach, a designer or an e-course creator). You need to have been in business for at least a year - and the programme can be useful if you've been in business for much longer. It’s for you if you want to be able to raise your rates in a way that feels good to you.

How is my approach different?

Most business coaches are either all about the numbers and the conversion rates, OR they're all about mindset work and tapping into your inner woo. I like to bring a balance of intuitive inner work and harder-edged facts and figures-based outer work, so that you get the best of both worlds.

You also get the benefit of my experiences in my two former businesses (an entirely offline limited company offering arts project management and evaluation services and an entirely online editing and writing mentoring business). All my advice is grounded both in the best research available and my own personal experience. In my writing mentoring business, I went from selling mentorships for £1,200 to £5,000 by understanding what my clients really wanted and providing exactly that…

My focus is on raising your rates in a way that feels ethical to you and that takes into account how to build in accessibility to your offerings.

Finally, I also work as a writing coach and brand voice strategist, so you get to tap into those skills when we co-create your sales page.

You’ll need to be able to devote at least two hours a week to the programme - and more than that when you get to the stage of doing client research, running your mini test project and writing your sales page - but you’ll get as much support as you need throughout.

What's included?

  1. A 1:1 session with me at the beginning of the programme, to ensure that my support is tailored to your unique set of circumstances, skills and experience.

  2. Eight video lessons (with written transcripts). We’ll cover money blocks, value, accessibility, effective extras and bonuses, ethical marketing, effective sales calls, client research and co-creating your sales page.

  3. Ten 90 minute long workshops with me (on Zoom video, so you can get session recordings to refer back to) covering everything from unraveling your money story to how to structure a high-touch package.

  4. A small group (max six other business owners) of people to explore the material and test ideas with.

  5. Unlimited support from me within the Facebook Group over the whole ten week period.

  6. Support to carry out client research and to run a small test project within the ten weeks, so that you have all the information and testimonials you need to be ready to launch at the end of the ten weeks.

  7. Lots of accountability to keep you on track. This isn’t a theoretical course, this is a programme to give you everything you need to move into action.

  8. A simple marketing strategy for the launch of your new rates.

  9. Support to learn and practice advanced, effective and ethical sales skills.

  10. A brand new sales page, co-created with a professional copywriter and writing coach (that would be me).

At the end of our time together, you’ll be all set and ready to launch with higher rates you can stand fully behind.

Your investment: £2,000 upfront or 3 payments of £725 each


Ready to raise your rates?


Excellent! Here’s how to get started:

Step 1. Book a free 45 minute call to check whether Raise Your Rates With Integrity is the right fit for you and your business at the moment.

Step 2. If it’s a big yes from both of us, I’ll send you your invoice and contract at the end of our call (and you can choose to pay in three installments if you prefer).

Step 3. The programme begins on January 14th and finishes on March 22nd 2019.

If you have any questions about how the programme works, don’t hesitate to email me or set up a chat. I’m always happy to help.