As a former publisher, writing mentor and bookseller, I just can't stop myself from recommending books to my clients...

From straight business and marketing books to books about money mindset or mindfulness, here's a list of the books I recommend most frequently to my clients.

I want us to talk about it.

I’ve challenged myself to talk to 100 people between now and the end of 2017 about how they feel about selling their services.

I want to have 100, 30 minute,  1-on-1 conversations about our relationship to selling, as people who want something different to the mainstream system that is taught online right now.

I’m Sophy Dale, a business strategist and ethical sales coach. I’m committed to building cultures of connection and care, and to being part of a new movement that sees marketing and sales as opportunities to be of service to our clients.

I want to shift our relationship with sales & marketing.

I want change makers to have the resources they need to create thriving, successful businesses – and you can’t do that if you feel deeply conflicted about selling.

Basically, I’m interested in finding the pathways for us to live supported, ethically-based, creative lives, doing work that excites us and meets our clients’ needs.

Are these topics interesting to you? Is this something that you would love to mull over with someone who is deeply involved with thinking about these issues?

For many of the entrepreneurs I work with, the whole area of sales and marketing leaves them feeling pushy, icky or just not able to be true to themselves. 

I want to talk about this with as many people as possible – and also to talk about a different way of doing things – building honest, transparent and supportive relationships with no manipulative practices built in.

This is something I work with my business mentoring clients about, but these conversations are a bit different – they’re free (and completely sales-pitch free too!) and they’re part of my ongoing research into what’s working and what isn’t for self-employed people and entrepreneurs as far as their sales and marketing is concerned.

Here are some of the things I’d like to know more about:

What are the points of tension for you around selling?

How do you feel about the level of visibility you need to market your services, showing up regularly on social media, or sharing your truth with the wider world?

How do you feel about asking for payment for your skills, experience and the support you offer?

As a thank you for allowing me to pick your brains, the second half of the session is available for you to ask me anything you want to know about ethical selling, finding your natural sales style or running your business in a way that feels right to you. Please sign up for a talk here.

I can’t wait to talk to you! Conversation, collaboration, support and new ideas – it’s what business should be all about…