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Rosie Slosek

Business money mentor & UK tax return coach

If you feel the foundations of your business are crumbly and you aren't as organised, calm and strong as you want to be with the money in your business, you can't build a strong business. If that's you, I give you a safe space and the support you need to sort out the money side of your business so you can feel on top of things, clear and organised. I have a holistic approach, focusing on a combination of practical action, information and emotional and energy unblocking. I work with women who have their own businesses or want to start a business - and (UK only) helping you do your own tax return. You can book a chat (at no charge) at to explore how I can help you. For more information, you can find me at, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter or join me on a free Self Care For Your Biz Finances Retreat.

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