Uncovering the real story of you and your business can fuel your whole business strategy.

When you know the story you really want to tell about your business, everything else becomes clearer. You feel:

  • more clarity about what you stand for and what makes you unique

  • more ease and flow - your business will revolve entirely around your greatest strengths, core values and inner purpose

  • more focus - you can decide more easily which offers or services are the best fit

  • a new depth of understanding about what draws your ideal clients to working with you

  • more confidence - it's easier to pitch guest posts, podcast interviews, even book ideas

As a result, you'll feel more certainty about the direction of your business, and more empowered to speak up and start being the change you want to see in the world. And your prospective clients will feel more engaged and connected with you, your business will be more memorable to them and they will see you as being distinctly different from your competitors (meaning, among other things, that you won’t need to compete on price any more).

In this workbook, you'll take the first steps to discover your origin story and articulate your values, your purpose and your vision for the difference your business could ultimately make to the issues you care about.