"I've got such a lot out of being in the Mastermind. 

1) Momentum - the Mastermind has given me the sense of drive and accountability I was craving. As someone who is pretty action-oriented, I don't usually have a problem getting things done, but it tends to come in fits and starts. This mastermind has enabled me not only to take action, but to take action in a consistent way.

2) Support - I've loved having a group of people I respect and trust as a sounding board for thoughts, ideas or concerns. I've felt supported in both an emotional way, and also a super practical way.

3) Stretch - The biggest challenge working on my own is the lack of challenge, stretch and perspective to my thinking. It's been great to hear new thoughts, fresh ideas and how other people are handling their challenges. Even when the business may be very different to mine, hearing someone else's though process always seems to unlock a new way of thinking that I can apply to my own.

4) Connection - it's been very rewarding to feel part of something and to connect with a group of very different yet like-minded people. I look forward to seeing the FB updates and the bi-monthly calls.

I would definitely recommend the Mastermind. It's given me the support, connection and practical tools to take action at a time when I was feeling incredibly stuck.

It's personal, not generic. The level of connection, intimacy and personal attention is high. To get the most out of it you need to be willing to show up 100% for yourself and for the others in the group."

Jessica Uys - Enneagram Coach - jessicauys.com

"I've gained so much from being in the Mastermind!

A major shift for me has been a new understanding of how to set goals in a way that doesn't feel heavy or overwhelming. The accountability part has been huge as well; being able to check into the FB group with questions at any time between calls, and also having the set days for sharing specific things is brilliant. It's a relief to know that someone is orchestrating the framework and I just have to do the work and show up, rather than try to remember when things are or follow my own deadlines, which inevitably become way too flexible. The small group aspect is lovely; I've learned so much just from hearing the others talking about their own businesses.

I wouldn't change a single thing about how it's run. I really love the 'multimedia' aspect - FB check ins, short video responses, group calls, and the copy- checking. It makes it feel really rich but not overwhelming; at the core of it is my own work, without any distracting extras. I love Sophy's calming presence - it makes me feel safe and like we have a solid platform to jump from and return to. That's priceless really.

I would absolutely recommend the Mastermind, to any quiet loving small business owner wanting the next level of support, guidance and focus in their business. Courses are great up to a certain level, but for me there came a point where I'd learned as much as I was going to from them and needed something more personal and specific to my work and the needs of my business.

Of course, you still have to do the work! But it's SO much easier to get it done because you've got the built in check ins and you know there are some lovely women on your team who will help if you need it."

Tara Leaver - Artist & E-Course creator - taraleaver.com

"Before the Mastermind started, I questioned whether the time I’d be putting in would be worth it. I’m good at figuring things out and I’m also a bit of a rebel who likes to work intuitively and hates being told what to do! I was concerned whether the other participants would be at the right level, not so far ahead that my challenges would seem unimportant to them, or so far behind that I’d spend my time going over old ground. I wondered how much coaching I'd get from Sophy and how much would be something I could replicate in a group of peers without facilitation.

But as it turned out, I've gained an incredible amount from taking part. I could have muddled along by myself for years and not have reached this level of clarity. I’ve saved a huge amount of time and money. It has made every single decision easier, and if you run your own business, you know how many decisions need to be made in a day.

I think the Mastermind would be perfect for someone who knows the ropes when it come to business, and has an idea of what does and doesn't work for them. If you're ready to move to the "next level" (cliched as that phrase is), this is what you need. It’s as suited to someone like me, who has an idea they’ve tested and now want to go back and refine to make sure they're really growing from a place of integrity, as someone who has a vague idea of where they're going and wants to accelerate.

The whole experience is so much more than the sum of its parts. You get the insight of the other business owners, in a really well chosen group, AND Sophy's amazing expert coaching -- the copy editing and 1:1 feedback would be worth the investment alone! Plus there are always opportunities to access more 1:1 feedback and guidance if you need it.

I just really love it."

Madeleine Forbes - writer - theseasonedyear.com