What Could You Achieve In Two Days?

Every now and then, we need to get off the merry-go-round.

If your days are full of thoughts like, “I’ll never fit it all in,” or “I can’t believe I agreed to X,” or you’re constantly fire-fighting and trying to push through to get things done, this retreat is for you. You’ll go from running your business in a constant ‘reaction’ mode to knowing that only a few things really matter - and that you know exactly what they are and you have a plan to get them done. You’ll be able to say a graceful ‘no’ to everything that isn’t essential and you’ll have removed the blocks so that you can execute your plans with ease and flow.

Instead of taking on too much, not feeling quite in control and not being sure whether you’re focusing on the right things, you’ll feel a calm certainty that you’ve chosen carefully and can concentrate simply on doing your best work.

You’ll have really taken the time to step back from the coalface of your business and get some outside perspective on what’s working and what’s not. You’ll design your days - and the whole structure of your business - to support and nourish you and the other commitments you have in your life. You’ll cut the busy-work and only do what matters most.

Instead of feeling the constant pressure of your ever-growing to-do list, you’ll have a short list of tasks that feel inspiring and entirely do-able within the time available - one of the major elements of the Virtual Business Retreat is the (very popular) ‘Tear Up Your To-Do List’ session.

You’ll have a specific action plan for the next 90 days and a clear vision for how you want your business to develop over the next three to ten years - and all the actions you take from now on are aligned with those long-term goals.

And you’ll do all of this work from the comfort of your own home or office, with the guidance of an experienced business mentor.

The Lowdown:

Two days of working via Zoom video coaching calls (plus pre-work and follow-up)

£1,500 (currently roughly $1,900 USD)


Two Days Just For You

Here’s how it works:

  • An intro coaching call a fortnight before your two day retreat

  • A ten-day mini-course by email with bite-sized actions, to make sure you’ve done all the prep you need to make the absolute most of your retreat

  • Two days of deep-diving into what’s working and what’s not, uncovering your deeper dreams for your business (and life), and stripping back to the essentials to create a radically simpler, easier to run business.

  • These days will be a mix of live one to one coaching sessions, plus implementation time for journalling, planning and working through exercises.

  • A follow-up call to hone your action plan

  • Two hours of consultancy with a tech and systems specialist to streamline the back-end of your business


What they’re saying:

Michelle A T.jpg

Michelle ayn tessensohn

“Sophy helps people succeed by being more of themselves. She’s so affirming and supportive. Working with her was like a huge boost of confidence. She’s one of the most supportive and affirming coaches I’ve worked with.

I got a lot out of our work together and think that I’ll be applying these strategies in my business for a long time to come.”

Master Coach | Self Mastery Coaching

Eli by Lars square.jpg

eli trier

“I loved how she managed to make suggestions which pulled together several threads of ideas I’d already had and turned them into something spectacular which plays firmly to my strengths. I also liked how she pointed out strengths in my business which I hadn’t even realised were there. The whole session gave me a completely new perspective on my business as a whole, and made me realise how small I was playing.

I would recommend Sophy’s services without hesitation! She is patient, persistent, and supportive, and makes me feel like I can achieve much more than I was aiming for.”

Artist & Community Builder

Michelle Boyd headshot.jpeg

Michelle boyd, ph.d

"My sessions with Sophy were incredibly helpful--just what I needed.

I'd recommend Sophy to anyone who needs support to cut through the noise and confusion to help them see what's possible. You will get targeted, manageable, extremely helpful advice."

Inkwell Academic Retreats

Who is this for?

You have a business which looks like it’s working fine from the outside, but on the inside you know that you’re on a busy-busy-busy hamster wheel - and you’re longing to get off. You want to stop trying to do all the things and concentrate just on what matters most.

However, if you just can’t imagine taking two days to dig into what’s really working in your business, you might be best to start with my End Overwhelm programme, which looks at how to balance your time, energy and focus to give yourself some breathing space. The Retreat is for those who are on top of time and energy management - now you want to take a long, hard, clear-sighted look at what exactly you’re directing your time and energy towards doing.

If you’ve already simplified your business and fine-tuned your habits, schedule and processes so that your business is running like an elegant and well-oiled machine, the Retreat isn’t for you…

Why not just do it yourself?


outside Perspective

We all have blind spots and with our businesses, it’s particularly hard to get enough distance to be able to see the wood for the trees.

You may genuinely be unable to see what you could possibly stop doing without risking the wheels coming off your business - I have a process to take you through that will ensure you hold on to everything essential, and find alternative solutions for everything else.


Vision + action plan

Most of us lean towards either being better at creating an inspiring big picture vision, OR being good at the nitty gritty of planning next steps. The Retreat ensures that you go in depth in both areas.

I’ve also done a huge amount of research into peak performance, meaning that we can design the rhythm of your days, weeks and year to ensure that you’re at your most creative, resilient, energetic and effective, every day.



By making time to look at what’s not quite working at the moment - which might be a case of putting smooth systems in place to capture client testimonials and referrals; or setting up a content or marketing calendar; or looking at whether you can shift from 1:1 work to group work or e-courses - we can ensure that you’re not leaving money on the table, or wasting energy reinventing the wheel each week. You’ll do some of this work with me and some with my tech consultant.


What do you get?

So, what exactly is included?

Sophy headshot.jpg

One to one coaching

Five hours of one to one private coaching sessions with me, to make sure that your retreat is 100% tailored to your specific needs and unique set of skills and circumstances.

We will focus on stripping your business back to the essentials and making sure that you double down on what’s already working.


Implementation time

You’ll get videos, worksheets, and journalling prompts, plus the opportunity to structure your day for optimum learning by including time for yoga, massage, time in nature and time for creativity - and you’ll get a special parcel in the post from me with some little extras to brighten up your retreat days.


tech consultancy

You’ll get a two hour consultancy session shortly after your two day retreat with a tech and systems expert, who’ll ensure that all the different systems you’re using for email, CRM, invoicing, book-keeping, scheduling etc are all talking to one another and working as smoothly as possible.

Stop wasting time with niggly tech details that never quite get resolved, and let an expert ensure that your business back-end is fine-tuned, leaving you free to impress your clients.


optional follow-ons

If you want to, you can choose follow-on coaching and accountability programmes to ensure that you stay on track and make the absolute most of your next 90 days, or indeed the next year.

You can choose from light-touch tracking, accountability and coaching options; specific packages around copywriting and honing your message or planning your marketing calendar for the year; or intensive business mentoring partnerships.


a weight off your shoulders

You’ll know that everything important is taken care of in your plans. You’ll have stopped doing activities that drain you and will have found new solutions for those that still have to be done.

You’ll have breathing space and time to refill your well with creative and inspiring activities and you’ll have reconnected with why you set up this business in the first place.


Next Steps:

Step 1. Arrange your free consultation call with me here.

Step 2. We’ll have a no-pressure chat and you can decide whether the Virtual Business Retreat is the right fit for you.

Step 3. If the answer’s yes, then within 24 hours of making your payment, you’ll receive an email from me with your supporting materials, and a link to my online scheduler so you can book your intro coaching session and your two retreat days.

Step 4. You’ll complete your Clarity Questions and send your answers to me.

Step 5. You’ll start receiving the e-course via email.

Step 6.  We’ll have our first Zoom video session at the appointed time and get you started with simplifying your life and business!

If you have any questions about how the programme works, don’t hesitate to email me (sophy@sophydale.com) I’m always happy to help!