With help from your own personal editor, researcher and writing coach, rewriting your web copy can be an enjoyable journey of discovery that might even change the way you do business. 

I only offer web copy in conjunction with Story Power, since understanding the story you want to tell is the foundation of creating compelling copy.

There are two ways I can work on your web copy:

  1. done with you as a collaborative process, where you do most of the actual writing and I'm there to edit, tweak, make suggestions and then polish the end result until it shines.

  2. done for you, where I take it off your plate completely and just come back to you for two rounds of revisions towards the end of the process.

The benefit of the first option is that everything is absolutely in your voice (because you wrote it!) and you're learning how to hone one of the most critical skills in online business. You'll easily be able to go in and make updates or changes, without worrying .

The benefit of the second option is that, because of the strong foundation we've created in the Story Power process, I'll be writing in your brand voice - and you can get on with running your business, confident that a professional writer is at the helm of your rewrite. Two rounds of revisions mean that you can be sure every i is dotted and every t crossed just the way you want.

Web copy co-creation costs £1,000 (which is added to the cost of your Story Power session).

Done-for-you website copywriting costs £2,000 (which again is added to the cost of your Story Power session).

If you think you'd like to sign up for my Story Power & Web Copy combination of packages, the best thing is to start with a free consultation.

What they're saying: 


“Sophy excels at being supportive, believing in her clients and allowing them to feel heard. And her copywriting skills are spot on!"

Sharon Newsom | Squarespace Web Designer | The Qurious Effect

"...I'm seeing quick results from my work with her..."

"Sophy is really outstanding at what she does. I would highly recommend her services to anyone I know who wants to create a more heartfelt marketing approach for their business. 

Since I followed Sophy's guidance, I'm attracting more of my ideal clients, and when they call, they even tell me they relate to specific things I've expressed in my web copy. 

Her approach is very practical but also warm, down to earth, patient, kind and authentic. It's FUN working with her! 

Sophy keeps the sessions filled with relevant conversation and teaches practical strategies that I can use to achieve my intentions. She's delivered amazing content without any fluff, and I'm seeing quick results from my work with her." 

Jen Johnson | Mindfulness Teacher and Coach