I help creative entrepreneurs craft their message and create a sustainable marketing strategy

Work With Me

Usually my clients work with me when they're ready to uplevel their business (maybe when they're poised to raise their rates significantly, or when they're starting to offer their services to a different kind of client).

You may have built your business on word of mouth recommendations and client referrals, but you're struggling to take things to the next level online.

You might be feeling lost in a crowd of online competitors, or it seems like people just aren't 'getting' what it is that you do. You're sick of feeling like you have to convince people to buy from you. One former client came to me saying she felt like she was 'screaming into the void of the internet' every day and still getting lost in the noise.

Sometimes my clients feel that they're visual people rather than words people, but usually, they're good writers who either haven't yet uncovered their personal brand voice, or who understand that getting editorial feedback can take good-enough text to the kind of great copy that has potential clients asking themselves how you got inside their head.

I also work with solopreneurs to help them develop a marketing strategy which feels sustainable, ethical and true to who they are.

Whether they're relatively new to business or have many years of experience under their belt, my clients know they want to stand out from the crowd and get noticed by the people who want what they have. And more than that, they don't just want to be noticed, but really seen for who they are, deep down.

Who I Work With

My clients have usually been in business for at least a year, sometimes a decade; most often working as a one woman band, sometimes with part-time support or a very small team. They're highly creative and very much focused on doing the best possible work for their own clients. 

I work with:

  • designers
  • coaches
  • consultants
  • holistic practitioners
  • e-course creators.

They’re proud of the business they’ve built up but want to make sure that their online presence fits them and their ideal clients like a glove. And they want to build strategic partnerships and collaborations that can help their business grow.

What We Do Together

If you decide to work with me, we will focus on honing your message and crafting the right words to reach out to your perfect fit clients, whether that involves rewriting your website or coming up with a new landing page, email campaign or blog series. More than focusing on your copy though, I will help you see the bigger story you want your business to tell.

I will make use of all the skills I honed working for two decades in publishing as an editor to help you to get to the heart of the story you want to tell about your business - instantly making you and your brand more memorable.

We'll find ways of building your business that feel natural and avoid hard selling or manipulative tactics. Making the most of your innate ability to tell a story and build personal relationships will mean you can market your business in a way that feels true to you.

We will either work together 1:1, or in the intimate small group setting of my twice-yearly business Mastermind.

Overall, my aim is to help you to find flow, freedom and fulfillment in your business by tuning into your inner voice, speaking up and being heard by all the right people.


I offer coaching and consulting by Zoom video sessions. I have clients based all round the world, in the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa and the UK. Here are some of the ways you can work with me 1:1, or you can find out more about my intimate small group Mastermind here:


strategy sessions

How nearly all clients start out working with me. This is a 4 part mini-programme where we'll focus either on honing your message, developing your brand story or creating a sustainable marketing strategy for your business.

Investment: £350


the full story

This is my signature in-depth brand voice strategy programme which includes brand story development, content strategy, customer research & expert SEO input to make sure your ideal clients find your perfectly honed new copy.

Investment: £2,500



I can custom-make a mentoring package just for you, focusing on messaging, brand story, developing a regular writing practice, writing your calling card book or creating an ethical and sustainable marketing strategy.

Investment: starts from £1,000


My signature programme is The Full Story which is for you if you know you're ready to take your business up a level with a full brand story based on customer and competitor research and informed by SEO analysis and optimisation.

Also, I collaborate with a hand-picked selection of fabulous graphic or web designers and social media and SEO experts, so if alongside new focus and messaging you want a total rebrand with a new visual identity and/or website, we can tailor-make the perfect full-service solution for you. Or, of course, I'm happy to work with your own designer.

Other clients start with my group Mastermind and then go on to work with me 1:1.

I've also got a range of other services which might be of interest to you, from writing web copy to being your personal editorial collaborator & content strategist to writing case studies.

Whatever you're interested in, everyone starts with a free half hour consultation, so we can talk through in detail whether we're the right fit for one another, and if so, which of these options would best be able to support you and your business and your unique set of circumstances at this moment in time.


Ready to get started? Excellent!

Here’s what to do:

Step 1. Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consult

Step 2. Before we hop on the phone, I’d like to know a bit about you and what you’d like to get out of coaching with me, so you’ll see when you schedule your consult call, there’ll be some questions about you and your business.

Step 3. At the scheduled time of your consult, we’ll consult! We’ll use the opportunity to make sure we’re the perfect fit before you commit.

Step 4. If you decide to work with me, I’ll tell you the exact steps for getting started. If you decide not to work with me or if we're not a perfect fit, I’m happy to share other resources to help you get what you need.

If you have any questions, just get in touch and I’ll be happy to answer.



Sophy helps people promote their business in their own way, in a way that they don’t have to compromise their individuality, freedom and integrity. Working with her was like a huge boost of confidence... I’ll be applying these strategies in my business for a long time to come.”

Michelle Ayn Tessensohn, Master Coach, Visionary Passages

Michelle Ayn Tessensohn

A Note from Sophy...

Big change isn’t easy, and this kind of in-depth one-to-one coaching is going to entail a big inner shift, from feeling trapped in a voice that doesn't quite fit you to feeling like you can start fully showing up for your business and your clients and be known for being yourself.

When you’re ready to go for it, you have an experienced mentor right here to give you the tools, companionship and wisdom for your journey.

No one else can walk your journey for you, but I will be with you when you make changes, when you’re tested and when it just feels too hard. When you hit setbacks and bumps in the road, you won’t be alone.

If you'd like a free, no-obligation consultation to chat about your business and see if we're the right fit, just click on the button below:

eli trier headshot

"...she really opened my eyes to what's possible in my business..."

I found my sessions incredibly helpful and enlightening. Being quite familiar with sales and marketing techniques I had been concerned that Sophy might not be able to suggest anything that I hadn’t already considered – boy, was I wrong!!

I loved how she managed to make suggestions which pulled together several threads of ideas I’d already had and turned them into something spectacular which plays firmly to my strengths. I also liked how she pointed out strengths in my business which I hadn’t even realised were there. The whole session gave me a completely new perspective on my business as a whole, and made me realise how small I was playing.

I would recommend Sophy’s services without hesitation! She is patient, persistent, and supportive, and makes me feel like I can achieve much more than I was aiming for. I think anyone who is struggling to make sense of their products, pricing, and services would benefit greatly from speaking with her. She really opened my eyes to what’s possible in my business.”

Eli Trier | Artist & Author


"...Working with her feels as if I have a supportive business partner on tap..."

“Every session with Sophy provides me with renewed focus and clarity around the next steps required to move my business forward. I've been able to clarify my target and my message and to create a website that hits the right note. And our ongoing sessions have meant that I've been able to sharpen my strategy and focus on the specific steps required to achieve it .

I would absolutely recommend Sophy's services. Working with her feels as if I have a supportive business partner on tap. Someone who understands my bigger vision, combines insight with a super practical point of view and who offers focused input to keep me on track with my goals.

I got practical input that wasn’t formulaic and wasn’t based on what “should” be done. Sophy completely took into account not only my business needs but who I am as a person and what is likely to resonate with me and inspire me to take action.

Jessica Uys, Coach & Facilitator

Jen Johnson

"...I'm seeing quick results from my work with her..."

"Sophy is really outstanding at what she does. I would highly recommend her services to anyone I know who wants to create a more heartfelt marketing approach for their business. 

Since I followed Sophy's guidance, I'm attracting more of my ideal clients, and when they call, they even tell me they relate to specific things I've expressed in my web copy. 

Her approach is very practical but also warm, down to earth, patient, kind and authentic. It's FUN working with her! 

Sophy keeps the sessions filled with relevant conversation and teaches practical strategies that I can use to achieve my intentions. She's delivered amazing content without any fluff, and I'm seeing quick results from my work with her." 

Jen Johnson | Mindfulness Teacher and Coach

Michelle b headshot.png

"...targeted, manageable, extremely helpful advice."

"My sessions with Sophy were incredibly helpful--just what I needed. Not only did they give me courage to do something that makes me uncomfortable--they also helped me understand the reasons why my natural inclinations might actually be pointing me towards taking a smart decision given my business.

When I still balked at following my instincts, she helped me test whether they were valid, then helped me understand concretely what specific actions I could take next.

I'd recommend Sophy to anyone who needs support to cut through the noise and confusion to help them see what's possible. You will get targeted, manageable, extremely helpful advice."

Michelle Boyd, PhD - Inkwell Academic Retreats


Michelle Ayn Tessensohn Circle Headshot.png

"...she helps people succeed by being more of themselves...“

"Sophy helps people promote their business in their own way, in a way that they don’t have to compromise their individuality, freedom and integrity. She helps people succeed by being more of themselves. She’s so affirming and supportive. Working with her was like a huge boost of confidence. She’s one of the most supportive and affirming coaches I’ve worked with.

I got a lot out of our work together and think that I’ll be applying these strategies in my business for a long time to come.”

Michelle Ayn Tessensohn | Master Coach | Visionary Passages

Christina Paul Circle Headshot.png

"...such a relief to know I can do it in a way that's totally authentic..."

I felt like Sophy just ‘got me’ from the get-go. She left me with simple, actionable ways to boost my business, and it’s such a relief to know I can do it in a way that’s totally comfortable, authentic, and suited to where I am in life + biz. I’m feeling lighter and bolder, and ready to rumble!”

Christina Paul | Web Designer & Copywriter | Zeoni Creations

Jannie Harvey

"...her gentle push and clarity has gotten me back on track..."

“My session with Sophy has given me clarity to be able to prioritize what needed to be done now while still being aligned with my long term goals. I would definitely recommend her services. She has a calming presence and was quick to see what I needed and the direction I needed to go, and was on point without being pushy or dictating. She's insightful and breaks down the overwhelming tasks into small, manageable ones.  Her gentle push and clarity has gotten me back on track on what I need to do and why I need to do it.”

Jannie Mitzeiko Harvey | Founder | Read it to Me

"...amazed by her ability to guide me with insightful questions..."

“I wasn’t sure what Sophy could do in just one hour, but was truly amazed by her ability to guide me with insightful questions to a structure, plan and strategy. I couldn’t wait to get off the phone and start implementing right away!”

Tasra Dawson | Artist & Advocate

"I no longer feel like my business is running me. Before working with Sophy I was drowning in doing all the things and unhappy about doing most of them. Now I have a clear strategy and clear steps to get there. Most importantly, it feels easy.

It’s been such a pleasure working with Sophy. She is so calm and genuine. It felt like we were sitting right across from each other over tea, not oceans apart!"

Erica Lampley Brand & Graphic Designer

"WOW! Sophy is pretty amazing -- think soul search + practical advice + integrity. In just one hour she made great suggestions for how I might manage a big business transition without feeling that I have to give up all my income and start from scratch again.

Working with her in a mentorship gave me more clarity and a valuable list of action points. 'Permission' to 'stay the course' and a sense of the 'next level' for my business.

She is substantive, no-nonsense, a deep listener and able to move people along when they feel stuck"

Kerstin Martin Squarespace Authorized Trainer and Web Designer

Sharon headshot.png

"I would absolutely recommend working with Sophy. I feel like I got so much out of our time together and was sad to see it end.

I very much appreciated her approach to marketing being different from yelling from the rooftops to get attention. I feel comfortable with the action steps we came up with for my own business, so I would recommend her to anyone looking to feel more themselves in their business, who wants to feel good about the marketing strategy they implement instead of following a mass market-type plan.

She excels at being supportive, believing in her clients and allowing them to feel heard. And her copywriting skills are spot on!"

Sharon Newsom, Squarespace Web Designer - The Qurious Effect