We help creative entrepreneurs come together & create more freedom in their businesses.

Meet an inspiring and diverse group of small business owners, freelancers, artisans, artists and change-makers. We’re based all around the world: in Europe, North America, Indonesia, Singapore and South Africa and our professions range from e-course creators to painters, copywriters, retreat leaders, jewelry-makers, website designers and coaches. 

Ask questions about whatever’s on your mind and get detailed, thoughtful, nuanced and up-to-date answers from others with directly relevant experience. You’ll also be able to access co-working sessions, business planning workshops, guest expert interviews and a monthly business Q&A coaching session. 

Most business coaching costs thousands to take part in - the Freedom Seekers’ Collective runs year-round to give you support, accountability, and training for a fraction of that cost.

The network is kept deliberately small so that it feels intimate and remains focused on connection and collaboration. Get all the advantages of a community of peers AND get business coaching all year round for an accessible monthly fee.


I created the Freedom Seekers' Collective to bring together the people I love working with in a way that’s focused, valuable, and genuinely affordable. There are lots of other business networks out there, but I've struggled to find one that's on a scale I can get my head around, and which balances doing business gently and sustainably with actually making a profit and getting the important stuff done. So with this network, I'm committing to building something small-scale and organic, that will grow slowly over time.

The community will start small but will never grow beyond 150 people. Why that number? Well, it’s known as Dunbar’s number, after the anthropologist, Robin Dunbar, who established that around the world, and across human history, 150 is the average size of tribes and social groupings. It’s the number of people that we’ve evolved to get our heads around knowing. I've been in networks of seven or eight hundred people, or several thousand - and it can be useful to make some new contacts, or to get some new ideas, but it doesn't feel like a community to me when there are so many more people than names I can hold in my head at one time.

Charles Vogl, in his book The Art of Community, defines a community as:

a group of individuals who share a mutual concern for one another's welfare.

That's what I'm hoping we can create together here - not just a network of shared interests but a genuine community. 

For those who want it, there’ll be opportunities to go deeper, either in small group Masterminds or via 20% off discounted ‘friends & family’ rates on my 1:1 business coaching. So you really can have the best of both worlds - a community of supporters and tailored individual guidance and accountability.